Enterprise Architecture

XPLUS offers a full suite of enterprise architecture services, ranging from a full masterplan assessment, starting from your business and IT vision and strategy to a roadmap that can be implemented successfully

Business and IT Masterplan

Based on our proven managerial assets within our XPLUS integrated architecture framework, we create an implementable masterplan zooming on your company vision, objectives, your organisation model, your application landscape, your governance processes defining the target and intermediate stable states in a roadmap.

Technology on a Page

As XPLUS improves continuously its assets based on build up experiences, we developed a proven framework to define target technology stacks applied on your functional application architecture, continuously scouting technologies.
We have also build an open turn-key microservices platform that enables the acceleration of the change in your architecture landscape.

Demand Management and Spend Optimization

XPLUS build a set of processes and tools to maximize your return on sales and the customer experience. Our methodology is based on an innovative usage of data to target root causes of demand allowing expansion of your business, resulting in cost savings and improved customer performance.
Based on our lean background, we apply a culture of savings in your organisation and your supplier sourcing.

Digital and Omnichannel Strategy

A digital strategy is not an IT strategy, and therefore requires a different approach. Customer convenience implies an extended online experience with advanced customer expectations, options and information.
A digital and omnichannel strategy is setting the direction applying information and technology to improve human (customer, supplier and employee) performance.
We focus on data-driven decision making and customer journey management to become more customer centric improving the customer convenience.

Target Operating Model

We help to define your Target Operating Model based on your purpose and customer proposition strategy. First we assess your maturity level and propose a continuous improvement plan. Then we build an implementable Target Operating Model, supporting your people in their personal transition. We have also trainers and coaches to implement the change.


XPLUS, your strategic partner in Digital Transformation. We help organisations define and implement opportunities for value creation in the areas of IT and business strategy, large scale transformations, enterprise architecture, program management and organisational change and Agile. What sets us apart is our unique approach, methods and models, combining in-depth knowledge of strategic and operational levers and Scalable Agile delivery frameworks.